Capes for Kids - Fundraising for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

What exactly is Capes for kids?

Every March, people of all ages across Ontario show off their superhero capes and costumes to bring awareness to a great event and cause called Capes for Kids. But what exactly is Capes for Kids, and what is the purpose of donning on these superhero capes? 

The goal of Capes for Kids is to create a world of possibilities for kids battling disabilities! Since its founding in 2017, the organization has raised over 4.5 million dollars. Since our partnership back in 2019, Right at Home Realty has been proud to contribute to the growing awareness of Capes for Kids as well as providing $23,000.00 in donations to help improve and make a difference in many lives. Capes for Kids has become a shining light of hope and opportunity for supporting and raising awareness and funding for children with disabilities at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Capes for Kids has created a unique way to raise funding and help spread awareness of this wonderful event, with superhero capes!

The capes symbolize just how heroic these kids are battling their disabilities every day. To help recognize their heroics, it is encouraged for all who are participating in the event to wear capes wherever they are!


Right at Home Realty Values

At Right at Home Realty, we strive to make sure our day-to-day operations and commitment to excellence align with our core values every step of the way. We have four core values that we live by at Right at Home.

1.     Showing up by always trying to go above and beyond for clients and ourselves.

2.     Doing the right thing by being committed to the promises we make to our clients and each other.

3.     Building a community by supporting our teammates and clients by supporting them to achieve the most happiness and success possible.

4.     Lastly, by driving change and transcending the status quo through innovation and growth. 


How our values align with each other’s

With these values in mind, it is only right that we do everything that we can to help support Capes for Kids because our values are aligned with their dreams and ambitions. By showing up and doing the right thing we can help drive change and build a better community moving forward.

We could not be any more grateful for the opportunity to be partners with Capes for Kids every year. Right at Home Realty has been honoured to help support Capes for Kids in any way we can. Such as wearing capes around the office or in public to spread more awareness around the event or, promoting donations from our staff throughout our entire company to help make a difference. Our collaborative partnership not only helps us build a better future for everyone but a better community for us all to be a part of.


How the Funding Helps these Superheros

Over the years Capes for Kids has brought great awareness to the battles that these kids with disabilities must deal with on an everyday basis. The event not only helps by bringing awareness but spreads hope for a better future by raising money to help improve the lives of every child at Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital. Sometimes it isn’t always clear where the funding will go and how big of an impact it will make when people decide to donate. But with Capes for Kids, there is no question, about how much these donations impact the lives of these children and families. 


What the donations do for Capes for Kids and Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital:


·       The donations help fund the Bloorview Research Institution. Which focuses on trying to enhance care, developing new assistive technologies, and evaluating and breaking barriers that restrict the inclusion of children with disabilities.

·       Helps families directly by giving financial aid for special equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers. Or other logistical challenges like transportation to and from the hospital or accommodating at the hospital’s overnight suite and medications.

·       Helping make the children laugh in tough times. Holland Bloorview tries to use music and comedy as therapeutic tools to help ease the discomfort. The donations help provide therapeutic clowns whose goal is to administer warmth and laughter to kids and their families.

·       Music for the kids. The donations help provide funding for new musical instruments such as violins, guitars, and drums. This way it encourages the kids to be more social, artistic, and creative to help them express themselves. Learning and playing these new instruments helps them create healthy therapeutic techniques in the hospital’s music therapy programs.

·       The garden of imagination and self-expression, better known as the Spiral Garden. It is a popular summer camp that presents the opportunity for the kids to participate in a program that lets them explore self-expression. The kids can transform into artists, sculptors, gardeners, puppeteers, or performers in the art of theatre or storytelling.

·       Prepare them for a bright future and independence. The Independence Program (TIP) presents young adults with disabilities the chance to live away from home for three weeks. These workshops that are part of the TIP program help them develop the necessary living skills such as how to buy groceries, meal prepping, how manage money, and how safely take public transit. 


Capes for Kids continues to help families year after year with incredible ways of kindness and care. Don’t just take our word for it, hear what Sandra Hawken President and CEO, of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, has to say about it:

“Kids with disabilities continue to continue to be disproportionately affected by the pandemic and there’s never been a more important time for our incredible dedicated donors, fundraisers, and sponsors to come together to help fundraise to create a world full of possibilities for children with disabilities. It’s up to all of us to ensure that we can meet their urgent needs through Capes for Kids funding and pave the way for a more inclusive and accessible world for all. Thank you to Right at Home Realty for your support in this mission!”- Sandra Hawken President and CEO, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

Moving forward and looking into the future we are excited to help contribute more funding and the opportunity to spread awareness of this wonderful and inspiring event for many years to come.  


Looking to the future

With the ending of the long-anticipated Capes for Kids event. We look forward to the future and the excitement there is with other partnerships around Canada to help build a better future and community for everyone. Whether it’s helping volunteers build new houses with Habitat for Humanity. Helping spread the holiday cheer by donating gifts or funds for gift cards to CTVs Toy Mountain drive so every child and teenager can experience the holiday spirit and warmth of opening new gifts. Or helping support the educators, governments, local businesses, and community leaders to meet the needs of every student in the city of Ottawa by helping support the Ottawa Network for Education. We are ready to show up and do the right thing given the opportunity to help drive change in building a better community for all of us and a better future.


To learn more about Capes for Kids and ways to get involved in future events, visit their website.