Do You Aspire to be a Top Producing Agent?

For real estate agents, the dream is to become one of the industry’s top producing agents in the area your business is located. You can be a great real estate agent and make a great living, but there are always new ways you can improve your business and become a top producing agent going forward. In this post, we will be giving you some useful tips on how you can do that now and how to maintain that status moving forward. 


1. Keep Learning about the Industry

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the industry, or you have many years of experience under your belt, you can never learn enough about the business. Real estate is just like every other business in life; to become a leader in the industry you must want to continue to learn, regardless if you are already exceeding your own expectations. A common phrase that especially pairs well with real estate is “you get out of it what you put into it”, meaning if you want to be better in certain areas of your business, then you must invest more time and focus into it. Whether you are learning more about a local market, are interested in improving your marketability as an agent, or want to know more about architecture, you must continue to learn and teach yourself new ways of improving those aspects. Gain as much industry knowledge as you can to effortlessly satisfy clients and achieve success.



2. Maximize your Availability to your Clients

As an agent, it’s crucial to be committed to not only your business but to your clients as well. The more available you are to your clients, the greater the potential to grow your business, revenue, and clientele base. One thing that separates real estate from other professions is that it’s not a 9 to 5 job. This industry doesn’t have a cap, so neither should your aspirations! There are endless opportunities to grow your network and being accessible to leads is key to developing your business. Clients want a real estate agent that they can remain in constant contact. Whether that’s being able to call or text on short notice, respond quickly to emails, or provide regular social media updates of listings, communication is crucial. Be available and accessible to your clients and watch your network grow!.


3. Search for New Business Weekly

You can never get enough new business in real estate! One can never expect new leads to falling into their lap on a regular basis. Not to say it won’t happen, but the agents who are constantly looking for ways to attract new business are one step ahead. This means keeping in contact with previous clients, referrals they have made, or having the occasional open house for prospective clients. Any way you can get your name and business out there is a step in the right direction in attracting potential business and revenue.


4. Become an Expert in your Local Market

Don’t just know the market – be an expert on it. That may seem like a simple task for real estate professionals who always work in the same area, but clients want to know they are getting the best advice for a neighbourhood of their interest. Clients like to shop around before settling on one agent, being able to know the area in all its aspects will benefit your business in the long run. This includes knowing all about the local attractions, amenities, community centre, and points of interest relevant to your client. Acquire in-depth knowledge of the areas you operate in to impress clients and build your reputation.


5. Update your Marketing Plan

A significant part of generating better business moving forward is a strong marketing plan as well as always being willing to improve it. Leaving clients with a great impression so that they recommend you to others is a good way to bring in new business, but it’s not the only way! Having a marketing plan in place to promote your brand out there is integral. A comprehensive strategy encompasses both print and digital materials to advertise your services and expertise. Mixed media is beneficial for targeting a variety of demographics of people looking for representation in real estate. In this day and age, social media is a must for top-producing real estate agents. If you aren’t too familiar with it, we recommend you do so to get your name out there and maximize your exposure. All this extra marketing on social media is free to use and is a great way to meet new clients or show off the listings you have available. Have a solid foundation of print materials and day-to-day social media in your marketing plan to grow your business now and in the years to come.


Turn your dreams into a reality - with dedication and passion for improving your business, success is yours. By putting these 5 ways into practice, it’s assured your business will not only grow but will put you in the running for becoming a top producing agent in the future.