Meet Julie Kee | Right at Home Realty’s Broker of Record and General Manager, Brokerage Operations

Strong leaders such as Julie Kee, Right at Home Realty’s new Broker of Record, leverage their expertise and experience to ensure agents receive exceptional opportunities and home buyers and sellers receive excellent service. 

True to its legacy since 2004, Right at Home Realty continues to grow, maintaining its position as the #1 independent real estate brokerage in Canada. One significant point of differentiation for Right at Home Realty is that the brokerage is corporately run by an accomplished Board of Directors and leadership team

Get to Know Julie

Julie began her real estate career in 2003 and grew a successful business for many years. She has held leadership roles with other brokerages with her focus always concentrated on the growth and development of agents. Julie also worked for the Ontario Real Estate Association as a Standard Forms Specialist before joining Right at Home Realty in 2018.

Since joining Right at Home Realty, she became the Branch Manager of the Durham Branch and quickly grew with the company with a promotion to Director of Brokerage Operations in 2020. In March of this year, she would again be promoted to General Manager, Broker of Record.

Q and A with Julie  

Q - What are you most excited about in this new opportunity as Broker of Record for Right at Home Realty?

I am really excited about the opportunity to contribute to the overall success of our agents through the thoughtful leadership of our management team, and the continued development of the programs and services we offer.  I am a very authentic person and I hold the values of honesty and integrity in the highest regard, it is what I expect from each one of our agents.

The team at Right at Home is very focused on our agents.  Today's industry is busied with many new and old brands offering the moon promises of prosperity. We all know a real estate transaction brings in large sums of commission where there is a massive opportunity to profit.  Where there is profit, there are entities trying to figure out how to get a piece.  Promises of grandeur through share options, MLM downlines, and oceans of leads all take the focus away from the true path to prosperity for an agent - the ability to make connections with people.    If agents know how to become trusted advisors, prosperity will follow, especially with the opportunity to keep 100% of their earnings.  Many plans offered by brands today are designed to take an agent’s eye off the ball, “Look here while we take from you over there!”  Most of what agents are being sold is a distraction from the largest opportunity for profit – commission income through their efforts.

I am thrilled to be a part of a company so focused and uncomplicated, maintaining a simple and honest solution for agents.


Q - How can your experience contribute to the company's continued success?

My roots as an agent are among the most important assets I bring to the table as a Broker of Record. Being in the industry for over 20 years, I understand the never-ending changes in the markets and profession and how to pivot to stay on top.  It’s important for me to stay in touch with my roots, so I welcome opportunities to step in and cover a manager’s time off and help with agent questions in real time. 

Right at Home has certainly seen some great success and will continue to prosper as our agents succeed. Our focus is squarely on our agents’ success.


Q - How would you describe yourself as a leader?

Approachable. Decisive. Accountable. Supportive. Solution-focused.  I am a fair person, but I expect others to be accountable for their work and their actions.  



Q - What is one interesting fact that you would like people to know about you?

I love heights and feel complete exhilaration when I am up high with no barriers.  If there is ever an opportunity to be in the clouds, chances are I am taking advantage.



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