Creating a cosy space to work at home

We are living in unprecedented times and working from home has become the new norm for a lot of us. We recommend dedicating a space in your home specifically for work, so you don’t have to completely mix work with home life. Having a cosy home office set up is crucial, and it trains your mind into thinking that you have to be productive and get work done once you enter the space. Here are some tips on how to decorate and carve out that at home office workspace of your dreams:

1)    Calming Tones: The decor in your office should be as simple as possible, but keep it aesthetically pleasing so you’ll actually want to enter the space. Think neutral tones, greenery (living plants are a great touch) and soft, cosy textiles. Everyone is different and works differently, so pick decor items that you know will inspire you. For some people that’s inspiring quotes around the office, for some people that’s pictures of their friends/family, and for others that’s art. Know yourself, know your preferences and play them up. 

2)    Use What You Already Have: Since leaving the house to buy home office supplies is not an option at the moment, decorate your space with goods that you already have. Repurpose containers into filing folders, use your favourite mug as a pen holder, surround yourself with pictures of loved ones. This means you might have to get creative! A flat shoe rack, once properly cleaned, is the perfect desk accessory to store flat goods like books and wicker baskets are great storage for any arts and crafts supplies. Take inventory of what you have, think of what you need and repurpose items to suit those needs.  

3)    Shared Workspaces: If you are sharing the workspace with a partner or roommate, have clear boundaries of which space belongs to who. This doesn’t mean drawing a line down the centre of the room like a sitcom but if you’re sharing a small space, make sure your individual spaces are evident. You can really make your allotted space yours by decorating your corner/area the way you would like it. Let a bit of your personality show through! 

4)    Keep a tidy workspace: Make sure whatever kind of workspace you’ll be working on is kept clean and organized. You can do this by making sure all of your paperwork is stored in magazine files or decorative boxes when they are not in use. A crowded space equals a crowded mind, and you’re going to want to have as little distractions as possible to stay focused on the task at hand. Large wall calendars are a great resource to have to outline due dates, meeting times and even break periods. Visual reminders and guides like wall calendars work overtime in decorating the space but also being a helpful reminder to stay on task. 

5)    Natural Light: Choose a space that has optimal natural light. There’s no need to skip out on Vitamin D when you’re working from home. This is an instant mood changer. If wherever you’ve decided to put your office space doesn’t have access to a big window, fake it! There are tons of faux natural lighting units and bulbs out there for sale. Check Amazon or a local retailer and order it in. That will make the biggest difference.