Professional Development | Elina Mirshahi's Success Story

Let’s get to know a bit more about Elina Mirshahi, who was one of five agents to be featured in our Right at Home Realty Agent Success Stories.





About Elina Mirshahi

Elina started her real estate career back in 2020. With working in the real estate industry in Canada's largest city, she knew how important of a decision it was to pick the right brokerage. She was looking for a place that could help support her when she’s on the go and that could offer her state-of-the-art training to further improve her career and business. She made the right choice by Joining Right at Home.


Starting her career in the real estate industry during unprecedented times, expectations can change quickly. Real estate is a very profitable industry to be a part of. But it takes time and experience to be successful in such a competitive market, such as the Greater Toronto Area. That’s why Elina appreciates the flexibility Right at Home Realty offers with its state-of-the-art training. The training is offered and taught by our accomplished Vice President, of Professional Development Scott Macpherson. Scott has over 20 years of experience and oversees our Right at Home Academy which provides important and engaging in-house training to all our members.


Right at Home Realty Professional Development

One program we are proud of in particular is our Professional Development Program (PDP). On average, the PDP program has proven to increase an agent's annual commission by 23%.

Right at Home Academy is available for all of our agents on a weekly basis. With the changes due to COVID, Right at Home Academy is even more accessible for agents being offered on a weekly basis virtually as well. Which makes it easier for Agents such as Elina to improve their business and career wherever she is.

If you are interested in learning more about what Right at Home Realty and Academy can do for you, check out  Join Right at Home.

Right at Home Realty prides itself on giving agents every opportunity to improve and achieve the success they envision.

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Elina joined Right at Home Realty back in 2020 but has quickly grown her career and business in a few years to something remarkable. With her constant dedication to improving her business through the academy training, she knows that success can be yours at Right at Home Realty. Elina works in the Durham and Oshawa area for our Durham branch office.

The Durham office is run by our manager Vicki Sweeney. If you are interested in working with this passionate and hardworking agent, reach out to Elina.

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