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Questions to Expect at a Listing Appointment

For real estate professionals, listing appointments can be one of the most exciting and intense moments of the job. After greetings with the potential new client are over, it is time to get to work and start evaluating all aspects of the property. In this post, we will be taking you through what questions to expect when meeting with a seller.



Is it the right time to sell?

This is a type of question that every seller will ask sooner or later. The clientele is looking for the best opportunity to sell their house and maximize profit when putting their home on the market. Key factors in your response might include the type of housing market we are currently in (i.e sellers or buyers’ market), the demand for homes, and financial variants. It is important for you to help them make the right decision in selecting you for the sale, by laying down all factors that could influence their choice. By keeping the seller informed, they will feel comfortable choosing you as their sales representative.


What should my home sell for?

A close estimation of the home’s value is an important question that will always be asked by a seller. If a client feels misled, it can easily backfire on you in the long run and hurt your business. To get the most accurate information for your seller, gather comparable data on homes for sale in the same area. It helps to look at similar houses that have already sold to pick up on patterns. This way you and the seller have a better understanding of the market expectations.


How do you plan on marketing my home?

Nothing impresses a potential client more than a well-thought-out plan for marketing their home! Be prepared with a customized strategy to guarantee a successful pitch. A seller does not want to have any doubts about your ability to bring attention to the listing. The more comprehensive a marketing strategy you have in place, the easier it will be to convey the value of your services to a prospective lead. A reliable strategy aids in improving the process of how fast the home will sell.


How should I get my home ready for market?

When it comes to presentation and attracting buyers to a listing, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Experience with staging homes for open houses and sourcing great listing photography for the home is vital. You want the property to look as presentable and appealing as possible. If that includes hiring a vendor or outside services for assistance, it would be worth the investment. Staging and marketing a listing the right way will make it easier for all parties involved. 


How many homes have you sold in the area?

Even if you have all the right plans and right answers in place for a seller, this ‘bottom-line’ question will always be asked. Over everything else, they will want to know your experience and track record as a real estate professional. It is imperative they see your competence and know you are the expert for the job! Buyers want to work with someone who will make their life easier and guarantee them a great home in a great community. So, show off your knowledge and the skills you have in getting a listing sold!


Turn every opportunity of a listing appointment into new business with prepared responses to these questions, and leave no doubt in a seller’s mind that you are the right agent to represent them.