Travel restrictions got you down? Rent a Cottage!

Getting away from the bustle of city life is essential for every summer vacation. Since travel restrictions are still in place in many provinces in Canada, you and your family may be weighing your options for the best in-province vacation on a budget. What are your options, and how can you keep expenses to a minimum?

If you haven’t considered renting a cottage, it may be time to give the idea some serious thought. Although this vacation option may seem expensive at first, there are a variety of affordable options for every family of every size - the trick is to find the right one.

Here are three tips for finding the best rental cottage for you, and how you can turn your family getaway into a vacation to remember.

Budget accordingly

Before taking a look at rental cottages, have your budget already planned. How much are you willing to spend on the rental? Are there any amenities you’d like to have? (e.g. Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV, etc.) Is it crucial to have the cottage on lakefront property, or would you be alright with travelling to a lake nearby?

Set up your dream cottage scenario and draw up a budget. Once you have an idea of the exact experience you’re looking to have, it may be easier to slash any unnecessary costs and find the best possible fit for your budget.

Try something different

If you think that staying in your own province is boring, think again! In Ontario alone, there is a myriad of options for picturesque getaways that you may not expect. If you live in the heart of Toronto, have you ever considered going somewhere "up north"? Are there any parts of Ontario that you’ve been itching to explore, or if you frequent one area of the province, are you willing to go outside of your comfort zone?

Choosing a new and interesting location to rent a cottage is the closest thing to making your cottage vacation feel a little bit more “exotic.” Who knows? Your new favourite area in your home province might be just waiting to be discovered!

Keep your guest list small

During the pandemic, it’s crucial to adhere to social distancing guidelines and guest capacity limits. Although you may be tempted to invite a few more family or friends to your rental cottage, it’s a better idea to keep the guest list as small as possible. Many rental cottages have previously established guidelines for guest occupancy: in light of COVID-19, it’s important to take note of any additional amendments to these limits.

Renting a cottage is an excellent vacation option for anyone who wants to get away from the everyday while still observing provincial restrictions. With something for everyone on sites like Airbnb, you’ll be sure to find the perfect rental cottage to inspire some amazing summer memories in 2020.