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3 Tips to Get Your Listings Noticed


In order to take your listing to the next level, it is vital to convey the value of a property within the first few clicks, scrolls, sentences and seconds. To help your listing stand out from the crowd, we have compiled our top 3 marketing tips to instantly draw attention to and maximize the sales of your listings. Follow these to achieve your best listing yet! 

Leverage the Power of Video.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is surely worth much more in views and impressions alone! Show off more of a property through virtual tours that get potential buyers engaged. Highlight features like ensuite bathrooms and connecting spaces from a walk-in perspective. Investing in a videographer can make a world of difference, but if this isn’t in the cards for your business then learn how to use Instagram stories and Facebook live! Social media is where most are spending their online hours, so becoming familiar with a platform’s free features and taking advantage of them can truly up your listing game while providing all the more exposure.

Bonus: Add in a walking tour of the neighbourhood and surrounding area to increase listing likeability! Points of interest such as a local school, mall, market, parks public transportation and other great amenities can paint a 3D picture for the buyer of what life would look like with your listing.


Be Creative AND Effective with the Listing Description.

Aside from the typical information (i.e., address, price, features summary, etc.) that goes into a listing description, you are going to want to have hook that boosts potential buyers’ attentions. Start by assuming that clients will not read past the first sentence unless it sells, and craft a headline that accurately depicts the theme or vibe of the property (Ex: A Riverside retreat minutes from Downtown Ottawa).

Bonus: Think like a buyer and add in keywords they would search for to drive visibility on search engine results pages!


Offer Incentives to Connect.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? The home buying process can get overwhelming for many, so offering buyers something of value that problem solves or takes some of the work / costs off their plate can motivate them to contact you first. Think free moving checklist or buyer’s guides attached as a link to your listings webpage – they can establish a personal connection that make buyers feel at ease.

Bonus: If you have the resources, adding in a free home staging or inspection to your listing can really give the property an edge over the competition.

A listing’s first impression is your biggest chance to attract and engage clients in a digital age where buying decisions are often made virtually. Follow these 3 tips to get your listings noticed today!