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3 Creative Ways To Keep Cool Without AC 

Summer is in full swing in Ontario, and it is already a scorcher. The hot, humid weather that Ontario summers are famed for is something that nearly everyone looks forward to each year - until their air conditioning unit breaks down.  

Although many experts warn Ontario residents that going through the summer without an AC unit is unadvisable, for many people, this may not be an option. Malfunctioning units, the rising costs in utilities, and incompatible home designs (i.e. no electrical outlets close to windows) make it difficult for some residents to operate an AC unit in their homes.

So, what are some other options? Here are three hot tips to staying cool during the muggy summer months.

Use energy-efficient bulbs

You may not be shocked at how much energy your light bulbs can use, but you may be surprised to learn that the amount of heat these bulbs give off can inadvertently increase the temperature in your home. If your home has proper insulation, light emissions from standard bulbs can increase the temperature of the room over time, adding to the already humid weather outside.

Remember to keep the lights off as much as possible during the day, and draw the blinds and curtains to keep the room cool and dark when you’re not at home. It may also be a good idea to switch your light bulbs out to ones that are more energy and heat efficient during the summer.

Create a cooling fan with a genius hack

When it comes to beating the heat, you sometimes have to get creative. If you find that certain rooms in your home are a lot hotter than others, you can bring down the temperature using nothing but a regular fan and a sealable container filled with ice.

By putting the ice in front of the fan, the resulting airflow will create a cooling effect similar to having a gentle breeze right in your home. Although this method will only last as long as the ice melts, it’s an excellent way of cooling down a room in a pinch.

Remember to make sure that the container of ice is in a stable position we all know water and electricity do not mix.

Focus on body temperature, not room temperature

It’s hard to imagine a world without all of the modern conveniences we enjoy today, but it did happen once upon a time. If our grandparents could survive without air conditioning, then so can we: the key is to pay closer attention to your body temperature, as opposed to charging all of your focus into just cooling your home.

Wearing light, loose-fitting clothing, switching to breathable cotton bedsheets, and applying a cooling compress to the neck and wrists will all help to decrease your overall body temperature and let you maintain that refreshing feeling without running your utility bills.

Keeping cool during the summer is a challenge without AC, but it’s not impossible. By getting a little creative and ensuring that you’re making use of heat-efficient substitutes, you can get through the heat and humidity of an Ontario summer without breaking the bank.