Why Spring is the Best Time to Sell Your Home



There are numerous factors at play that can affect the sale of your home, but for a potential buyer, it essentially all comes down to convenience and appeal. If you are preparing to list your home, you are in luck! Spring is around the corner - bringing with it optimal conditions that will give your house a leg up when it comes time to sell. 

Better Weather.

As we approach more moderate temperatures, we are ready to shake off that winter slump and get outdoors to the tune of birds chirping and sights of trees budding and flowers in bloom. This means that potential buyers are more likely to drive, bike or jog past your home and more people will book appointments for safe showings of your property!

The warmer weather can work in your favour too, with the snow melting bringing back your curb’s appeal, you can once again leverage landscaping to your advantage. This does wonders for that buyer first impression, where judging a book by its cover happens all too frequently, so make sure your home is ready to show off all its best features!

 Longer days bring with it more natural light, improving the ambience of your home. This is the perfect time to get some great listing photography done, while your interiors look bright and sunny. Crack open some windows while you are at it to let some refreshing spring air in! This will naturally rid your home of any musty unwanted odours that might turn a potential buyer off. This rings true especially for condos, where close range to neighbours with an affinity for fried foods can leave scents trapped in your quarters.


Better Timing.

Without the constant mess of slush and salt stains left behind from winter, keeping your place spotless in between showings gets easier, not to mention no more worrying about your hardwood floors buckling from the cold! Spring is an easy time for maintenance and repairs for when you’re preparing your home for listing, as well as for the buyer who might want to renovate before the sweltering heat of the summer kicks in! Roofing and exterior maintenance can be quite difficult in the winter, making springtime ideal for those pending maintenance to-dos.

Ofcourse, with tax season in progress, many people have their finances in order and expect to use their tax refund towards a down payment – encouraging them to get out there and put an offer in on a new home! This paired with the perfect timing of the school year ending for university graduates, motivates many first-time home buyers towards closing on a spring purchase before the summer arrives. It goes without saying that the buyer will have an easier time with the moving process in Spring too, making it an ideal season to sell your home!

Deciding to sell your home should always factor in buyer perception and buyer comfort, as that will affect how long your property stays on the market. With everything lining up for both you and potential buyers in the Spring, it's a great season for selling your home!