How to Make Your Outdoor Space Summer Patio Ready

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Summer Patio Ready 

One of the absolute best parts of the summer is sitting out on the patio with a cold drink, soaking in the gorgeous weather. The streets are hopping with countless patio options, but at the end of the day, sometimes you don’t want to spend the time (or the money) at the neighbourhood pub. You want an “at-home” option, something that you can have right in your own backyard.

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in building a big patio with heavy stones, a large deck, and a fire pit, never fear - there are plenty of options to get your outdoor space ready for an ice-cold beer, or caesar.

Here are some of the best, cost-effective ways that you can up your patio game this season.

Invest in the right furniture

One investment that’s significantly cheaper than building a huge patio is to outfit your back deck or lawn with quality lawn furniture. There’s something about high-crafted wicker chairs outfitted with cozy cushions that makes your guests feel right at home and serves as a comfortable dining area for your family on warm summer evenings.

Do a little shopping around and find some furniture that will give off that touch of luxury, but sits right around your price range. That way, you’ll create an inviting atmosphere for your guests without breaking the bank. Just make sure that you bring the furniture in when the storm clouds move in!

Your BBQ set-up is key

Your BBQ isn’t just for the meat-lovers - even vegetarians and vegans love roasting veggies on the Q! There’s something about cooking outside in the summer that brings friends and families together, creating the kind of outdoor fun that will serve as fond memories for the colder months to come. It’s for this reason that it’s absolutely essential to have an incredible BBQ set-up for every outdoor occasion.

Although BBQ’s can be pricey, many of the expensive models are built to last. However, there are some available options that will do trick for a season or two. Be sure to see what’s available at your local hardware store - you may be able to find some great deals for summer and even find something that may last into the next patio season.

Add in the homey touches

People have different ideas about what they want for their backyard patio space: one person may prefer an English garden feel, while another might insist on Tiki torches. This all depends on your personal taste and style. Once you’ve figured out what your style is, all you need is to get the creative juices flowing!

Do you love plants and gardening? Consider planting your favourite annuals and watch them come back into bloom over the patio space every year. Do you like incorporating lawn decorations into your motif? Take a look around the garden centre and see what catches your eye. The best part about decorating your patio space is that you can customize it to fit your tastes and needs. The sky’s the limit!

Creating your own backyard patio space is an activity that can be fun for the whole family. With a few extra hands, a little bit of elbow grease, and a lot of creativity, there’s no limit to the amazing things you can do in your own backyard!