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Changing Your Home Decor On A Budget

A lot of people believe that in order to change up the decor in your home, you need to make an investment. 
This isn’t always the case; there are a number of ways you can give your space a new look without undergoing expensive renovations and endless DIY projects. 
Yes, some of these ideas may require a little extra budgeting, but trying out some different decor elements doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here are some ways that you can play with your overall home decor theme without breaking the bank.

Add a splash of colour

Painting your house is always an enjoyable and relatively inexpensive way of giving your home an unexpected “pop.” Although some homeowners may be concerned about resale in the event that they decide to paint their home, coloured accents can transform the home in a way that actually enhances the resale value, or at least makes for an incredible conversation piece during an open house.

One of the most unique ways of painting your home without making too much of a commitment is to paint only one wall in a room. Commonly referred to as an “accent wall”, this can give the room a welcome and unexpected burst of colour, creating a unique spin on a more traditional decor element.

Take time to smell the roses

They’re not just for special occasions anymore! Adding floral arrangements to some of the most frequented areas of your home, such as a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, will create a sweet-smelling touch that will soothe both homeowners and guests. 

For those homeowners who like the idea of having some flora in their home, but don’t want anything too fragrant, unique greenery such as eucalyptus, ferns, or pussy willows are excellent alternatives to the classic roses and lilies that adorn more traditional bouquets. As an added bonus, the dried flowers or greenery can also be used for decorative purposes long after they’ve lost their scent.

Add the homey touches

There are countless ways that you can add the perfect “homey touches” to your existing decor. Pillows, throws, rugs, and mounted shelves are all ideal ways of adding a little extra spice to your traditional decor.

Although there’s a bit of cost associated with this option (depending on the touches you want to make), you can find hidden gems at vintage shops, and create the atmosphere you desire for almost half of the budget. These vintage touches will also add a unique look to your home overall, giving you an elegant detail that you won’t find in any old home decor magazine.

Creating an illuminating experience

Cast your home in a new light by playing with lighting in your home. Instead of expensive changes to overhead light fixtures, you can opt for cheaper options by using lanterns, candles, and smaller, coloured lamps.

Aside from creating a new type of illumination for your home, this decor option can offer amazing opportunities for DIY projects. Creating and hanging lanterns complete with large pillar candles can be a perfect addition to an interior or exterior setting and help create a relaxing mood in your space.

For exterior options, the pillar candle can be replaced with citronella candle to ward off the unwanted pests during the summer months (we’re looking at you, mosquitoes).

Add a little seasonal spice

No, we’re not referring to those tacky Christmas decorations! Although seasonal decorations can sometimes get a bad rap, it can be a lot of fun to add something new to your home in honour of the passing seasons.

Incorporating a dash of orange, yellow, and russet into your decor motif can be a lovely touch for the autumn months, or a splash of cranberry and white can make the home look more classic during the winter. For best results, pair your seasonal decor motif with a scent that brings up pleasant memories of your favourite seasons.

Finding new ways of decorating and designing your home can be a rewarding project that will add an element of excitement to your existing home decor. Never be afraid to switch things up; the results will always be a pleasant surprise to both your family and your guests!