Four Steps to Help you Find the Best Neighbourhood

When it comes to buying a new home, there are a lot of variables to consider. Features like lot size, the number of bedrooms, and recent renovations are probably at the top of your new home checklist. But before you decide on which home to buy, you should first make sure you’re looking in the right place.

If you don’t love the neighbourhood your new home is in, you’ll have a hard time loving your new home. The four tips below can help you zero in on your ideal neighbourhood so you can truly love where you live.

Decide on Your Long-Term Home Buying Goals
Purchasing a new home is a long-term investment. That means you should look at where you want your life to go in the future to ensure you find a place that will grow with your lifestyle. Once you’ve established your future goals, it will help you figure out what type of neighbourhood will suit you now and in the long run.

If children are in your future plans you should look for a neighbourhood with good schools and parks even if you don’t use these things right now. If your career is your main focus, you may prioritize an easy commute over a big back-yard.

Review Your Current Lifestyle Priorities
While knowing your future goals will help you choose the right neighbourhood, it’s also important to look at what matters to you right now. Don’t get so caught up in the search that you forget why you are looking to move in the first place.

If your current neighbourhood is too busy or lacking amenities, these factors should weigh in heavily when it comes to choosing a new area. Do you want better access to public transit? Would you like to be a tight-knit community, or do you prefer your privacy? These types of lifestyle choices will help you narrow down the options and will eliminate some areas completely.

Make a List of What Matters Most
Now that you have a plan, you can start to focus on the details. Make a list of all the things your ideal neighbourhood should have and rank them in order of priority. Make sure you determine which items are non-negotiable and which ones you can be flexible on. It might be hard to find everything on your wish-list, but you shouldn’t settle on the things that matter most.

Do Your Research
Take the time to research the communities that ranked at the top of your list. This will help ensure you don’t encounter any surprises after you move in. Look at local crime statistics, current and recent home prices, as well as reviews of businesses in the area.  

You should also spend some time investigating in person. Drive around the neighbourhood and look at how both homes and public spaces are kept. If things are run down and vandalism is prevalent, you may be looking at a neighbourhood that is in decline.

Walking the neighbourhood at different times of the day is another great way to get a feel for the community. Are the neighbours friendly? Do you feel safe both during the day and at night? These factors can all affect your enjoyment of your new neighbourhood.

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