3 Fun Decor Ideas For Kids’ Rooms

Decorating your child’s room can be a challenge. As they age, children’s taste in decor tend to change: one day, you may find that every inch of their walls are covered in posters, the next day, they’re all gone.

When planning the décor of your child’s room, it is important to consider how to create an atmosphere in their room that will be conducive to their current tastes, but also have enough “staying power” to evolve as they grow?

Here are 3 fun tips for your kid’s room decor that they’ll love, and continue to love, as they grow up.

Create a chalkboard wall 

Chalkboards aren’t just fun for kids; they can also be useful. What can start as a way of letting your kid “doodle” on the walls can morph into them having a space to express themselves, organize tasks, and work out assignments. It’s also a great way to leave personal messages and reminders behind, which can help increase communication amongst busy schedules. If you’re looking for a long-lasting option, many hardware stores have chalkboard paint that you can use to coat part of your child’s wall. If you’re looking for a less permanent option, chalkboards are readily available at most office and school supply stores.

Create additional storage space

Everyone, regardless of their age, loves additional storage space! Depending on your child’s interests, a variety of innovative options can be used to make storage easy and fun for just about any item: from toys and stuffed animals to heavy books and electronics.

New storage options don’t have to be “basic” either. Hidden storage units in floors, bookshelves built into the walls, and toy chests that can be opened beneath the bed are all unique ways that your child can keep their room tidy, and potentially have fun doing it.

Plan a minimalist motif

Many parents go all out when it comes to decorating their kids’ rooms, but when they’re using a motif that’s built specifically to that child’s interests at the time, they will outgrow that decor, and it often happens much sooner than you can anticipate. We all know how expensive changing decor, repainting walls, and purchasing new furniture can be; it’s, therefore, important to stick to the basics as much as possible.

In order to save on future costs, opt for a minimalist vibe for your child’s room. Since minimalism is one of the biggest trends in decor, your kid may appreciate the trendy take in the years to come, and feel free to enhance the space with their own pieces. Not only is this less expensive for you, the take-down and modifications are infinitely less time-consuming.

Coming up with the best decor for your kids can be a headache, but if you use timeless decor ideas and items that they can enjoy in the future, you’ll find that your child is less likely to ask for too many decor changes as they grow up.