Top 7 Reasons Why Fall is a Great Time to Buy a House

You might have heard that spring is the best time to buy a house. But if you aren’t in a rush and can wait until later in the season, you’ll find quite a few benefits to buying a home in the fall. Here are our top 7 reasons why fall is a really great time of year to buy a home.
Less Pressure
Even if you’ve done it before, buying a house is a big deal. It’s a huge investment and there are so many important decisions to be made. In the spring houses move quickly, and that means you might have to make snap decisions you aren’t fully comfortable with. In the fall, you’ll have more time to decide if a property is really right for you.
Less Competition
It can be daunting to attend an open house for a home you really love only to discover that a lot of other people really love it too. In the spring, the fierce competition for the best properties can be both stressful and frustrating. In the fall, all those eager spring buyers are off the market, and you won’t have to worry about fighting the crowds for your dream home.
Sellers are More Motivated in the Fall
Sometimes when a home comes up for sale in the fall it’s because the seller has a time-sensitive reason to move. Or maybe the house has been on the market all summer and the seller is now getting anxious. Whatever the scenario, homeowners are often eager to unload their property at the end of the summer and will be open to offers.
Flexibility on Moving Dates
When there’s less competition, buyers are often able to negotiate better terms for their move. A more suitable closing date is just one of the areas sellers may be willing to compromise on when they aren’t sorting through multiple offers.
A higher availability of movers means you’ll have your choice of moving dates. You’ll also find less competition when it comes to scheduling inspectors and contractors. So, any necessary permits or work that might need to be done before the move can go off without a hitch.
More Attention from Agents
Because real estate agents are in such high demand in the spring and summer, they have to find ways to divide their time between multiple clients. In the fall, your real estate agent will have more time to devote specifically to you.
Fall Weather is Better for Moving
Let’s face it, moving in the summer or winter is not fun. In the summer, high temperatures can cause short tempers. When you move in the winter you have to deal with snow, ice and dangerous conditions. But in the fall, you get clear, crisp days that are not too hot or too cold. AKA perfect moving weather.
Better Views of the Exterior
Beautiful landscaping is one of the perks of selling a home in the summer. But as a buyer, viewing a home at the end of the season has its advantages. When all the plants have died off, you’ll get the best look at the exterior of the house and the bones of the property.
With all these factors working in your favour, it’s a little surprising everyone doesn’t buy a house in the fall! Contact us today to get our undivided attention to help you find your new home.