5 Ways To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

You don’t have to feel confined in your small space. Here are five tips to follow make you feel more open, comfortable and relaxed in your home.

1. Rely On Mirrors

Mirrors will make any space appear bigger. Reflective surfaces can play tricks on our eyes to make us think that the space is double what it actually is. They work especially well when paired with natural lighting, but if that’s not an option don’t fret! Artificial lighting performs just as well. Reflecting the light available to you and opening up the space is the number one tip for a reason as it makes the biggest impact.

2. Light and Neutral Colour Palette

White, taupe, or other light coloured walls that match the ceiling colour makes any room look a lot bigger. It is an optical illusion that keeps your eye moving up and can make it appear as if the walls go on forever. Pairing the wall colour with similar tones on your furniture and window coverings makes for a great unified layout.

3. Benefit From Hidden Storage

Clutter not only takes up valuable real estate in your home but takes up space in your mind as well. Invest in storage that can be hidden under furniture or in closets; coffee tables that work double-time as a chest or that open up to hidden storage are great fixtures in any home but work especially well in small spaces. If it’s not something that you’re finding yourself reaching for on a daily basis, hide it away until it is needed.

4. Invest In Large Pieces of Furniture or Decor

This goes hand in hand with number three. Bigger furniture or decor pieces may not seem like the obvious choice but a large couch, a statement coffee table or a substantial eye-catching painting can have a strong impact. Knickknacks or small pieces of furniture add up over time and you may find yourself wanting to collect more and more, taking up valuable space over time. This is avoidable if you find a few items that you really love and that make a good fit in your home.

5. Make Use Of Your Wall Space

A gallery wall that is positioned more toward the ceiling is a great idea, as are floating shelves. Utilize the wall space that you have and make sure to build or decorate upwards. Vertical storage is fundamental in small rooms as it draws the eyes toward the ceiling and allows you to use every square foot of space.

Decorating and playing around with your room can be a lot of fun but making a small space seem bigger may seem like a daunting task at first. If you remember these steps you’ll be sure to feel Right At Home with ease and have the opportunity to enjoy every centimetre of your small space.