Liven Up Your Space with More Green

The home is meant to be a living space and it should feel (for the most part) like it’s alive. Now that we’ve reached the summer solstice, nature is thriving and the trees, plants and flowers are lush. However, there’s no need to be wary when we inevitably say goodbye to summer because you don’t have to rely on the outdoors to utilize this fresh green energy. Adopting plants is an excellent way to invite the outdoors into your home that is both easily manageable and aesthetically pleasing. No matter the size of your home or the amount of natural lighting your space receives, there’s a plant that is easy care and can fit the criteria that works for you.

Placing plants in the home creates an environment that is welcoming, hospitable, and tranquil. We all know of a home that felt warm and welcoming, and one that felt disconnected, cold, and distant. It’s most likely that the warm and welcoming home had a least a few plants that made it feel livelier inside. Some plants are also natural air filters that can help to purify the air in your space. Green is also the colour that symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and harmony. If you’re not sold on plants yet, here are three popular styles that are trendy and versatile. 

Succulents: These plants are indigenous to warm and dry climates and store water in their leaves. The word succulent comes from the Latin word sucus meaning juice, or sap, which describes the fluid inside their plump leaves. They are designed to store water in their leaves because they are usually found in dry climates that do not receive significant rainfall, and so they will take advantage of rainy seasons to store their water supply. The structure and shapes of succulents will vary depending on the species.  Some resemble humbling roses or lotuses (succulent echeveria), while others may look like a foreign species from a distant world.

Cactus: These plants are like succulents, as they are also indigenous to hot and dry climates, but they only store water in their fleshy stem. We know that most cacti have prickly needles that can cause minor harm but many people don’t realize that cacti can bloom beautiful flowers as well. Cacti come in a variety of sizes, small enough for window sills or significantly tall so that it makes a statement in a room. Some species, such as an elephant cactus, can grow up to beyond 10 meters. 
You can also combine both succulents and cacti to make beautiful centrepieces on your table!

Heartleaf Philodendron: These plants are vines that are easy to grow and great for beginners. It is a great piece to include in your interior décor by hanging it on a shelf, by a window or even in a plant wall. 

You can place your succulent, cactus and/or vines near a window that receives lots of sunlight or at least bright indirect sunlight. During the summer season they will require minimum watering since it is hot and dry but during winter you can scale back to bi-weekly watering.