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Cleaning Up After the Festivities

With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll likely be getting lots of guests coming in and out of your home. As exciting as it can be to have friends and family gather, it can be a headache to clean up after it’s all said and done. 

If you’re already dreading the future cleanup, here are some helpful tips to get your home sparkling after Thanksgiving dinner, and beyond.

Make sure your cutlery and dishware are dishwasher friendly

It can be tempting to break out all of the fine china and silverware, but the amount of time that it takes to wash and dry all of your most expensive dishware after everyone’s gone home is somewhat less appealing. To save time and energy, use dishware and cutlery that doesn’t have to be washed manually. That way, you can cut your cleaning time in half.

Designate a “kid’s table”

Having a kid’s table isn’t just a more practical option for the little members of your family; it could also save you a ton of mess. To avoid food and drinks being spilled on your dining room table or floor, have the kid’s table situated in an adjacent room, or in an area where any spilled food will have less of an impact on expensive flooring.

Have Club Soda at the ready

People have been talking for years about the effectiveness of Club Soda in getting out tough stains, and all the rumours are true. If your guests are passing the red wine, you may want to have Club Soda close at hand in the event of a spill. Using it to dab at that spill at the moment will prevent tough-to-remove stains in the future.

It takes a village

It’s admirable to want to take care of everything yourself, but when you’re inviting a lot of people over to your home, it’s not always feasible to do all of the cleaning yourself. Once the festivities are winding down, get your family and friends involved in the cleanup effort. It will save you the exhaustion of having to do everything yourself, and may even help your family engage in a little teamwork.

As stressful as the upcoming holidays can be, it’s essential to take the time to enjoy them with your loved ones. Taking some of the stress of the clean up out of the equation will ultimately give you more of that valuable time to spend with the people you care about.