2020 Home Decor Trends

New year, new you, new space. The new year is a great time to not only revamp the way you live but where you live. The keywords for this year are abstract and sustainable. We’re loving bold colours, big accents and patterns but it’s important to keep sustainability in mind. 

And nothing says 2020 like sustainability. Be conscious of what you bring into your home and keep an eye out for recycled materials or shop second hand. Anything that you’re not using (and that’s in good condition) can be upcycled into something you love, sold for a bit of money, or donated to a charity shop.

Pro tip: check out your local vintage, antique and charity shops for new-to-you furnishings and decor.

Here are some resolution worthy decor trends to keep on your radar in the year 2020:

Maximalism: Think big and bold for the new year. Maximalism is the biggest home decor trend for 2020. Play around with colour, with pattern and with mixing and matching textures. Home accents like gallery walls and knick-knacks are coming back in a big way.

Statement Pieces: A velvet couch, a canopy bed, a mid-century modern buffet. Conversation starting large pieces of furniture are an investment so be sure to choose something that you’ll love for a long time. Look for pieces that bring you joy and can be reworked again and again (ex: new pillows, new accents, new textiles) that can bring it back to life and ensures that it continues to bring you joy.

Colourful Cabinets: White kitchen cabinets are so 2019 —update the look with a fresh coat of paint! This will bring your kitchen to life and is a conversation starter among guests. Think pinks, purples. blues or greens to make your kitchen really stand out and showcase your personality. 

Vintage Accents: Scour your local antique markets, estate sales and thrift shop to pick up pieces that will be the envy of all your friends. Bonus points for vintage items because they tend to be better quality and will be a lasting focal point in your home for years to come but vintage-inspired pieces that are brand new look just as good and can be found at local shops for a fraction of the price of the real deal. 

Patterned Walls: Floral or geometric wallpaper and beautifully bold backsplashes will be everywhere this year. This is a relatively inexpensive and easy home modification to make; stick on wallpaper and faux title backsplashes are easily accessible and easy to peel off if you get tired of it. Wallpapered and statement ceilings are forecasted to be a huge trend as well.