3 Practical Reasons to Consider Selling Your Home

Why do people decide to move? Unless due to requirement (such as a major job relocation), research tells us that many homeowners like yourself may decide to sell at some point for one (or more) of these following reasons:

  1. It's no longer a good fit.

    A home can no longer be a good fit - both literally or figuratively! You may have outgrown your current space and need something bigger (who doesn't crave more closet space!). Or, the opposite can also ring true - you may want to downsize into something smaller and more manageable for your lifestyle – cashing in some of that home equity you’ve built up over time. Changing circumstances can call for change is environment too, if the current living situation fails to meet our vibe-check.


  1. The grass is greener on the other side.

    Have you ever driven through an area and thought, “I can see myself living here?" Now you’ve got your eye on a different neighbourhood, with that store you love within walking distance and the easiest commute to work or school. That dream which feels out-of-reach at one point in your life may suddenly work out in timing and finance. Keeping tabs on an area of interest can prove rewarding, and you never know until you work the numbers. You may in fact qualify for a home in that neighbourhood today!


  1. It's time for a change.

    Sometimes, it's about the timing. A homeowner can want a set of new surroundings, a fresh start - because it's about time! After spending 10+ years making fond memories in the home you grew up in or were growing your family in, you may want to include trading spaces in the next chapter of your life. Now you've got your eye on the market - noting that the average days on market is decreasing and that neighbouring properties on your street are increasing in price per square foot. This isn't a snap decision - it's a set of cues, personal and external, that have set you on the path to selling your current home.


Do any of these reasons resonate for you? If so, now is the time to start preparing! Even if you don’t anticipate moving for several months, there's no time like the present to get a jump on the process.