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Make Upgrades to Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Upgrading home features can be expensive, and you may not always have that money to spend. The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to give your house some love. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or simply want to freshen it up, there are affordable ways to make impressive improvements to your house.


While there are lots of ways to beautify your home, it’s wise to prioritize. What will have the biggest, most enjoyable impact? Painting the living room in a new shade won’t matter much if your kitchen style is still straight out of the 1970s. Update the most dated features first for the most noticeable change. Replace that avocado green refrigerator with a stainless-steel model and see instant results. Do you have popcorn textured ceilings? Remove that texture, repaint, and VOILÀ! Fresh space. Is something falling apart and looks bad? Replace it right away.


Some inexpensive ways to update your kitchen, the most used room in the house, include some fairly simple, do-it-yourself options. Replace cabinet handles and remove dated trim, then install undercabinet lights, for a modernized look. Want more? Paint the cabinets. Or remove a section of cabinets and install floating shelves for a more open feel.


There are so many little ways to rejuvenate a home’s interior, which makes it easy to take on small projects over time and spread out the costs. Replace all your light switches and outlet plates. These days, outlet covers come in a variety of colors, and some may be painted or wallpapered to match your wall. Replacing dated faucets is a great update. Change out door knobs, hinges, and handles throughout the whole house. Remove old molding and repaint the walls. New light fixtures can brighten a space, literally and figuratively. If you’re tool-savvy, installing a new tile backsplash or replacing old linoleum with a hardwood floor kit involves more work, but will completely revitalize a room in a short time.


For a quick way to make your house present well, a la “curb appeal”, tidy up the yard. Neaten rock lines, trim bushes, pull weeds, and arrange a seating area. For extra punch, paint the front door a cheery, welcoming color.

Just Clean

One often overlooked option for an instant cosmetic boost is the good old-fashioned deep clean. When was the last time you dusted the walls? Hold a flashlight against the wall, beam parallel to the wall, and you’ll see the dust. An intensive weekend of cleaning will do wonders and can make your space feel new again. Tackle windows, ceilings, walls, fans, grout, baseboards, under big furniture, and clear out clutter.

For any of these projects, be sure to search online for how-to posts, and take inspiration from the before and after photos. Gather all the necessary supplies, put on some good tunes, and get to work. Then sit back and enjoy your “new” home!