9 Steps to Preparing a Home for Sale in Spring (Checklist)

Homeowners usually want to increase their property value as much as possible, but many are unaware of the potential benefits of investing in home improvement projects. Real estate professionals tend to advise that the best time to sell your home is during the spring, as spring home sales increase after the winter months.

Certain upkeep tasks can significantly add to the appeal of a home, especially as buyers enter into the market this season. Many are willing to pay much more for a home that won’t require much hands-on work after moving in, and it is helpful to consider recommending the following home improvement projects to your clients in order to maximize value.

Here are 9 spring maintenance tips for selling listings this season.

Roof Repairs

The winter elements can put wear on a roof, and low temperatures, wind, and precipitation may weaken both gutters and roof tiles. As temperatures begin to rise at the start of spring, melting snow can potentially leak through the roof and lead to water damage.

Ensuring that the roof is in good condition is a necessary step in preparing for a home inspection. As roof repair is one of the most important improvements to make after the winter months, it should be one of the first on the list to check off.

Paint the Home Exterior

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most common ways that homeowners can increase curb appeal, and for good reason. In addition to buyers’ appreciation of having this task already completed upon move-in, a bold or striking color can also set your client’s home apart from the rest of those on the market.

Grays, off-whites, and neutral blues will always be popular choices, yet homeowners have found success by broadening their palette and delving into colors such as sage green and navy. If a paint job is required indoors, interior paint, especially in key rooms such as entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens, can also update a home’s aesthetic and further increase its value.

Check the Air Conditioning

By spring, the air conditioning unit may not have been used in months, so it might be time to make it inspection-ready. If there are issues with reduced airflow and leaks, it would be beneficial to discover them before the home is put on the market.

The best way to ensure that the air conditioner is operating properly is by hiring a servicing company to check the condition of the unit and make adjustments if needed. Remember to ask for a receipt showing that the unit is ready for use in case a prospective buyer inquires.

Get Around to Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning may not be the most exciting task, but it can certainly lead to more than tidying up. Clients understand the importance of a clean refresh of the home before attempting to sell, as an unkempt house may turn off prospective buyers.

Typical spring cleaning tasks include basics such as dusting and vacuuming, but going above and beyond in tidying up can work wonders. Flooring made out of materials such as linoleum and vinyl can be waxed, window screens can be easily cleaned with a mix of dish soap and water, and it is prudent to pay attention to other areas that may have been overlooked.

Update the Walkways

The path leading to the front door is a key aspect of a home buyer’s first impression, making it a top priority leading up to a sale. Plants that need upkeep or pruning may detract from the aesthetic value of the house’s exterior, and any cracks or unevenness in the path can affect the experience of would-be homeowners.

Power washing these areas, along with the driveway, can help remove any dirt or grime that has built up throughout the winter. Paving stones and other materials often crack in response to cold temperatures, and these imperfections can be filled in using silicone caulking, with sealant applied later in the season.

Clean and Inspect Chimneys

If a house has a chimney, it’s likely that soot has built up from fireplace use throughout the winter. A chimney should be regularly cleaned and serviced by a professional chimney sweep, as this reduces the risk of fire due to creosote buildup and ensures that any significant damage is noticed before it becomes a more expensive problem.

Inspect Exterior Faucets

Faucets on the exterior of the house are another area of care, which will need to be addressed before selling the property. If the water flow is reduced or if you notice other issues with the faucet such as cracks, the pipes will likely require professional service.

Replace Windows

Contemporary windows can significantly increase energy efficiency and therefore the total home sale value. This initial investment will likely reduce energy bills for years to come, making it an attractive option to potential buyers.

Invest in a New Carpet

An old or worn carpet can make a room feel much less comfortable and cozy, and updating carpets before showcasing a new home on the market will make it that much more attractive. Carpeting should be replaced at least once every ten years, so consider an investment in new carpets if it’s nearing that interval.

That said, purchasing a new carpet doesn’t have to break the bank for your clients. More affordable carpeting options paired with a high-quality pad beneath them provide an even better feel for a fraction of the cost.

Freshening up a home is vital to maximizing its market value. Starting out with these manageable tasks will have the home looking fresh and updated by the beginning of spring, and ready to impress potential buyers on the search for their new home.