3 DIY Home Projects To Do In Quarantine (And 2 To Wait On)

With hardware stores reopening in Ontario, many people are looking to use some of the remaining time in quarantine to get additional work done around the house. This includes home projects that may have fallen between the cracks over the past few months (or in some cases, years).

However, safety precautions for COVID-19 are still in place, and it’s important for homeowners to be aware of what projects can be tackled immediately, and what should be saved for later.

Here are 3 of the best DIY home projects that you can do while quarantine procedures are still in place, and 2 more that you should leave until after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

What You Can Do Now

Turning your backyard into a peaceful garden oasis is one of the best spring projects you can tackle during quarantine. In many cases, hardware stores can supply the basic needs (e.g. tools, soil, and seeds) to get you started with minimal COVID-19 exposure risk - in some cases you can even order these supplies straight to your door!

Overall, this is an excellent home project that can be both fun and rewarding. For best results, see if you can get the entire family involved in the project,

Repurposing old furniture
Do you have a bunch of old wooden furniture that you’ve been wanting to get rid of? Instead of tossing some of these items, consider repurposing them and giving your furniture a makeover, without the additional cost.

If you have the basic tools already (hammer, nails, saw, etc.), you’ll have everything you need to get started, making this project the perfect fit for anyone who’s looking to spruce up their home on a budget.

Clear out what you don’t need
If you have a wide array of old paint sitting on your garage shelf, this is your opportunity to clear them out. It’s easy to forget about the old stains and paints that you may have been saving for a rainy day, but leaving them on the shelf is only adding to clutter. This is much the same for old or broken tools laying around in your garage or work area.

Taking the time to clear out your garage, shed, or work environment isn’t just a great way of clearing out the cobwebs - it can give you better peace of mind. However, be sure to observe proper safety precautions when disposing of any hazardous material.

What To Save For Later

Re-tiling your floors
Although you may be tempted to give your bathroom or kitchen floor tiling a makeover, it may be best to wait until after the quarantine has lifted to do so. If you’re not familiar with how much can be involved with re-tiling a floor, it’s exceptionally important to wait, as you may find that the process could herald a lot of unforeseen challenges.

Alternatively, if you haven’t re-tiled a floor before, or are not familiar with the potential challenges, it’s best to hire a professional to do the work once the pandemic is over.

Any major renovations
If you’re planning on any major renovation projects, it’s best to hold off. Since there are so many factors involved, and since many of them will require the help of professionals, a major home renovation is a project that can be saved for another time.

Quarantine could be an ideal time to get your home DIY projects out of the way: just remember to be mindful of what you can accomplish, the health and safety measures required, and whether or not you could benefit from the advice of a professional.