Habitat for Humanity Partnership with Right at Home Realty

What is Habitat for Humanity?

Every year since 1976, people from around the world have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity to try and make their dream a reality by ensuring everyone has a decent place to live in this world.


Established in a small farming community in Americus, Southwest Georgia, Habitat for Humanity has grown to become a well-respected international non-profit. In 1985, the Habitat for Humanity movement began in Canada with the first Habitat home being built in Winkler, Manitoba. Since then, over 4,091 families have partnered with Habitat to buy their own homes.

Ever since its founding and expansion into Canada, Habitat for Humanity has made an everlasting difference in the lives of thousands of families giving them the opportunity to have their own homes. 


Our Partnership


Right at Home Realty has been a proud partner with Habitat for Humanity. As an organization, we are honoured and privileged to help contribute to their vision and mission across Canada. We are happy to announce that in 2021 alone we raised over $113,000 and since the onset of our partnership in 2007, we’ve raised over $846,000. We are grateful for all the Right at Home Realty agents who have donated to this important cause, helped fundraise, and even build homes over the years. Together, we are making a difference. Our collaborative partnership not only helps us build a better future for everyone but a better community for us all to be a part of. 

Our Values

At Right at Home Realty, we strive to make sure our day-to-day operations and investments align with our core values every step of the way. We have four core values that we live by:

1.     Showing up by always trying to go above and beyond for clients and ourselves.

2.     Doing the right thing by being committed to the promises we make to our clients and each other.

3.     Building a community by supporting our teammates and clients and encouraging them to achieve the most happiness and success possible.

4.     Driving change and transcending the status quo through innovation and growth. 

Our values coincide with those of Habitat for Humanity. By showing up and doing the right thing, we can help drive change and build a better community.

  Making a Difference

Over the years Habitat for Humanity continues to show us how fundraising and volunteering make such a difference in people’s lives. It is clear just how appreciated and important each donation is. To understand exactly where the funding is going, and how it makes a difference visit How Donations Help on the Habitat for Humanity Canada website. If you feel inspired about ways to give and want to help support Habitat for Humanity Canada, you can find out more here.

Ways to help Habitat for Humanity and families:


  • Any donation received can be designated in 4 different ways. Local habitats across Canada for homebuilding projects, international building programs, Indigenous housing partnerships, and undesignated gifts will be directed wherever they will have the greatest impact. More specifically undesignated gifts help build capacity within the organization so it will better support local habitats, and raise funding, which will then help support a greater number of families across the country and the world.



  • With Habitat for Humanity, there are many ways to help volunteer. You can help build on a local project with no construction skills necessary. You can sign up and help build across the globe with the Global Village Build program. Help at Habitat Restore which is a home improvement outlet with donated items from corporations and individuals, which are then sold to families at a significantly more affordable price. Or join a board of directors or committee at a local habitat office.  

Looking to the future

The most recent cheque presentation reflects on the past year of fundraising and volunteering. We could not be more delighted to be a part of such a great cause this year and every year moving forward. Looking into the future, we are ecstatic to begin our fundraising and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in 2022, as well as working with our other partnerships around Canada to help build a better future and community for everyone. Such as raising awareness and funding for kids battling disabilities with Capes for Kids. Supporting educators, governments, local businesses, and community leaders to meet the needs of every student in the city of Ottawa by helping support the Ottawa Network for Education. Or help spread the holiday cheer by donating gifts or funds for gift cards to the CTVs Toy Mountain drive so every child and teenager can experience the holiday spirit and warmth of opening new gifts. We are ready to show up and do the right thing given the opportunity to help drive change in building a better community and better future for all of us.

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity and ways to get involved in future events, visit their website.