Autumn Inspiration for Your Home

Fall is undeniably one of the most gorgeous times of the year. We are naturally drawn to the vibrant colours that the season has to offer, and it signals the change of weather so that we can gradually prepare for cooler temperatures. The best way to alter your home décor for fall is to allow nature to be your muse! Have a look around your natural environment when it comes to finding inspiration for decorating the home. Here are the fundamental trends to consider when decorating the home for fall. 

Blend in fall colours
One of the first signs that fall is approaching is when the leaves start to change their colour. From garden greens to rustic oranges, and butterscotch yellows, adding these types of colours to your home decor evokes a natural warm undertone and invites a comforting aesthetic. You’ll likely want to select two of these colours to work with, or one vibrant colour to stand out against neutral tones. Replace common household accessories with designs that include fall colours; simply swap out pillows in the living room, hand towels in the bathroom, tablecloths and napkins for the dining table, etc.

Cozy up with blanket throws
As the temperatures begin to dip, you can save energy for a little longer by resisting the desire to turn on the furnace and adding colourful blanket throws to your home décor. In keeping up with the colour trends, you’ll likely want a vibrant colour to stand out if the rest of your décor has neutral tones. But if you’re all about bold colours, then there is no harm in blending the colour theme as discussed above. If the colours and patterns already exist in the design of nature, then you can’t go wrong!

Add a touch of the outdoors
There is an abundance of pumpkins and gourds to go around this time of year and are often paired with holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween.  It’s a common tradition to place pumpkins on your doorsteps as a welcoming symbol to celebrate the harvest. These colourful squashes are a relatively inexpensive decorating item to add to your home. You can display smaller pumpkins or gourds in your home, such as on a mantle, coffee table, or even create a dinner table centrepiece with them. Be creative and use these colourful items to your advantage while they’re in season!  

Brighten the mood with candles
Candles are a nice touch all year round and they can add that extra layer of warmth if your home is not built with a fireplace. Candlelight helps to mellow out the mood and the warm glow is bound to help soothe the atmosphere in your environment. You can opt for seasonal scented candles for an element of aromatherapy, such as apple cinnamon, smoke wood, and pumpkin spice. You can also use white candles for a simple and pleasing aesthetic that offers a crisp look and carry them over to the next season as the season of snow takes over.