5 Ways to wow your guests at the door

We’ve all been invited to a friend’s home for the first time only to be utterly astonished by the place before you’ve even stepped inside. Well, fear not! Regardless of if you live in a downtown condo or an urban townhouse, these five inviting entryway ideas can help you to show off your wonderful abode to any guests that enter your home.

1. Make it obvious where you live
While giving your home a name that stretches beyond the given address is not the most common idea; it is on the rise. Marble, wood and even plastic plaques have been making a comeback to front doors with ideas linked to; respecting your living space, memorability and most importantly: navigational ease!

Whether or not you choose to name your home, it’s hard not to stress how much your guests will thank you if you have your address clearly signposted; on/in front of/above, your front door. By relieving the potential stress of your guest having to look for your door, you can guarantee that your night will begin on a high note.

2. Is the area surrounding my property lit in an inviting way?

As silly as it may sound, lighting is such an important thing that most people do not get correct. In order to get an easy and stylish ‘yes’ to the above question, a simple motion sensor light will make sure that your guests aren’t stood in the dark for thirty seconds while you reach the door and conserve energy while doing so. While many may think the more lights, the better, we have all have seen an overenthusiastic neighbour’s holiday display and know this not to be true. 

When it comes to lighting, what you choose to light is more important than the lights you choose.

3. Add some flair with your door!

Many people don’t give their front door a second thought. It’s the place you push past with your arms full of groceries, it might even help keep the cold out, but it is rarely ever a work of art! Your front door is a representation of your home to the world and adding a fresh, vibrant colour or an ornate knocker for your guests and passersby to enjoy, and when you reach home with those groceries, you will change your entire outlook on your home.

4. Offer your guests a place to call their own

The awkward question always presents itself; ‘so... do I take my shoes off here or...’ and you have to decide then and there if you are going to stand and watch your guest struggle on one foot to take off their 40lbs winter boots (like you do in private!) or have them tread sludge until you reach your living room. By simply adding seating outside your front door you can make your guests relax and feel comfortable (and you can use it to stop hopping too).

5. Mirror mirror on the wall

Not everyone controls the space immediately outside their front door, but if you do, a final touch of class and elegance is to add a stylish mirror to your entryway. By allowing your guest to touch up any last-minute imperfections, they will feel happy, confident and most of all welcome in your home.

Remember, your entryway is always the first impression someone has of your home and FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT!