Interior Design: What’s In and What’s Out

Trying to give your space a fresh new look? It’s hard to piece everything together if you’re not entirely sure how different elements might look once they’ve all found a place in your space. Which items should you keep, and what should you add to your space to take it from outdated to ​chic?  Consider these quick tips.

What’s In

Sustainable Pieces - What’s it made of, how long will it last, how well will it stand up against the test of time? These are some questions you might want to ask before you purchase furniture. Pieces with clean lines, neutral colours, interesting textures, and that are made from organic material like natural wood are always a great investment.

Warm, Feminine Colours - Repaint your interiors with warm bronze, old rose, deep purples, and soft pink hues add a touch of sophistication and class. They can also compliment a variety of colour tones and textures seamlessly.

Acrylic Furniture - Acrylic furniture lends structure and architectural charm to a space without making it look too busy. Placing a low acrylic shelf or cabinet in a hallway can give you sufficient space to position organic decor without creating an overwhelmingly cramped appearance.

Mixed Metals - Gone are the days when you had to make sure all of your lamps and curtain rods were the same metallic shade. Mix together rose gold, yellow gold, and silver to create a modern look and break the office-space appeal.

Plush and Fluffy - Big, warm, fluffy rugs underfoot, plush comforters, and big pillows on the floor in front of the TV - don’t skimp out on comfort. Aside from adding spaces to chill out, these additions also make a space more interesting by adding elements that break monotonous textures.

What’s Out

Gendered Colourways - Blue rooms with blue furniture and decor, pink rooms with pink furniture and decor? This year is the year we stop gendering rooms. Play with textures and patterns instead of trying to label a room with a specific sexuality that negatively impacts the sophistication and overall appeal of a space.

Bold Patterned Accent Furniture - Trying to create a ‘centrepiece’ aesthetic? Avoid opting for the obvious accent chair with a bold, colourful pattern. Opt instead to create variety by using other textures like organic abaca and irregular wooden pieces.

Minimalist Art - It’s time to put that Sol Lewitt inspired piece to rest. Maximalist art is the new trend. Avoid paintings and pictures that are too simple and colourless and opt for visually stimulating pieces with more colour and depth.

White Kitchen Tiles - While they make it easier to see stains and grime, white kitchen tiles scream 90s sitcom kitchen set aesthetic. Instead, opt for dark marble countertops and grey floors. This creates a dramatic effect adding beautiful contrast to make food look more Instagram-worthy.

Succulents - Sadly, the ultimate black-thumb BFF has outlived its stay. Try to toss out those tired succulents and find room for big leafy indoor plants like philodendron which make exceptional companions for indoor-dwellers who want an easy plant to keep alive.